Monday, October 15, 2012


APEX INSTITUTE, premier institute for IIT-JEE training will be conducting APEX INSTITUTE Talent Reward Exam on Sunday 16th December 2012. APEX INSTITUTE Talent Reward Examination (ATRE) is meant for students presently in class V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII, who have as their target NTSE & Junior Olympiads; excellence in boards; SAT- I; SAT-II; TOEFL and advance placements for admission to US University; IITJEE / MEDICAL / XII Board or integrated school / Olympiads / KVPY / SAT Plus and other engineering entrance competitive examinations. APEX INSTITUTE, a socially responsible organization aims to help these serious IIT-JEE aspirants realize their dreams through this examination and based on their performance, it will help them know their chances of success in securing a seat in the IIT's through the Rank Potential Index obtained in ATRE.

Students can use this exam as an assessment tool to decide about their best career choice / option and the need to join any relevant coaching / support program. Substantial STUDY SCHOLARSHIP and CASH AWARDS will be given to those students who will perform exceptionally well in the exam.

There will be a minimal fee for appearing in APEX INSTITUTE Talent Reward Exam. The exam pattern of APEX INSTITUTE Talent Reward Exam is truly scientific and is a combination of objective and subjective questions. The exam will be held in different sessions starting from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm with proper intervals. The questions will cover all the important topics of Science & Mathematics and also test the student's IQ & Aptitude for their overall assessment.

The last date for the registration is 9th December, 2012 with a registration fee of just Rs. 200/- and after 11th December, 2013 the late fees of Rs. 100/- (total exam fee of Rs. 300/-) along with the registration fee will be charged till 15th December, 2012. Results will be announced in first week of January 2013.

Further details and information about the registration process, exam schedule, the details of syllabi and the regular APEX INSTITUTE Programs are available at
The serious students vying for success with a good rank in the IITs and the other competitive entrance exams will not only get an in-depth expert feedback on their preparation but also will get opportunities, guidance and suggestions to plug loopholes, clear stumbling blocks, strengthen their competitive skills and raise their IQ by joining APEX INSTITUTE's classroom program, the program that provides crucial inputs during their preparatory stage for IITJEE and any other competitive exam and they will address various important aspects related to Planning Study Schedules, Time Management Techniques, Answering Tactics and Revision Strategies to optimize their performance on the exam day.

"This exam is of paramount importance to all the IIT-JEE aspirants as well as others who aim to succeed in the Boards, IITs, and other competitive exams as they will know their Success Potential Index for IIT-JEE and other competitive entrance exams based on their performance. This will further help them evaluate better as to where they stand in terms of competitive merit, what more they have to do to achieve and how well they have to prepare for it to secure a seat in IITs. Later, our relevant academic programs will help them enhance their IQ, potential skills, speed, comprehension & analytical ability and develop examination temperament even with yoga tips to maximize concentration & stamina to experience success. We are especially conducting this exam for these aspirants with a view to provide strong motivation to them and guide them to choose the right study materials, relevant books, other academic assistance and imbibe all cogent proven techniques for IIT-JEE and other crucial competitive test preparation.

Awards & Scholarships: Based on the performance in subjective paper of APEX INSTITUTE Talent Reward Exam, students will be rewarded.

Serious students aspiring for success with a good rank in any Competitive / Engineering Entrance Exams understand the importance of starting early in their preparation. As the entrance exams have become more competitive now it is necessary to build a strong fundamental base, as early as possible. APEX INSTITUTE's early edge programs are designed to give serious students that extra advantage that can help them get a Top Rank in any Competitive / Engineering Entrance Exams.

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