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    1. A simple pendulum has time period T. The bob is given negative charge and surface below it is given positive charge. The new time period will be [AFMC 2004]
      (a) Less than T (b) Greater than T (c) Equal to T (d) Infinite
        2. In a seconds pendulum, mass of the bob is 30 gm. If it is replaced by 90 gm mass. Then its time period will be [Orissa PMT 2004]
          (a) 1 sec (b) 2 sec (c) 4 sec (d) 3 sec
            3. The bob of a simple pendulum executes simple harmonic motion in water with a period t, while the period of oscillation of the bob is t0 in air. Neglecting frictional force of water and given that the density of the bob is  . Which relationship between t and t0 is true   [AIEEE 2004]
              (a) (b) (c)   (d)  
                4. Two simple pendulum of length 5 m and 20 m respectively are given small linear displacement in one direction at the same time. They will again be in the phase when the pendulum of shorter length has completed… Oscillations [CBSE PMT 1998; JIPMER 2001, 2002]
                  (a) 5 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) 3
                    5. A chimpanzee swinging on a swing in a sitting position, stands up suddenly, the time period will     
                      [Karnataka CET (Engg./Med.) 2000; AIEEE 2002]
                        (a) Become infinite (b) Remain same (c) Increase (d) Decrease
                          6. A simple pendulum of length l has a brass bob attached at its lower end. Its period is T. If a steel bob of same size, having density x times that of brass, replaces the brass bob and its length is changed so that period becomes 2T, then new length is [MP PMT 2002] 
                            (a) 2 l (b) 4 l (c) 4 l x (d)  
                            7. A hollow sphere is filled with water through a small hole in it. It is then hung by a long thread and made to oscillate. As the water slowly flows out of the hole at the bottom, the period of oscillation will 
                            [MP PMT 1994; KCET 1994; RPET 1996; AFMC 2000; CBSE PMT 2000; CPMT 2001]
                            (a) Continuously decrease (b) Continuously increase
                            (c) First decrease and then increase (d) First increase and then decrease
                            8             The period of oscillation of a simple pendulum of constant length at earth surface is T. Its period inside a mine is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                [CPMT 1973; DPMT 2001]
                                        (a)   Greater than T                  (b)   Less than T                               (c)   Equal to T                         (d)   Cannot be compared
                            9. Infinite springs with force constants k, 2k, 4k and 8k…. respectively are connected in series. The effective force constant of the spring will be [J & K CET 2004]
                            (a) 2k (b) k (c) k/2 (d) 2048
                            10. A spring has length l and spring constant k. if spring is divided in two equal parts then spring constant is [Bihar CEE 2004]
                            (a) k (b) k/2 (c) 2k (d) 4k

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