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Apex is conducting Apex Talent Reward Exam (ATRE).This examination aims to enable the most deserving students to get to their goal of becoming an engineer or a doctor by providing them with free*coaching. ATRE will select 30 students from each class (7th to 11th) to give them this once in a life time opportunity. These students will get free* coaching from Apex Institute. ATRE was conceptualized to bring in a golden chance for those, who aspire to be the topper of the country. In addition to the huge scholarship provided to students batches made through ATRE are specially modeled batch, providing an environment to set among the top sparks of the country, and to be guided from the most distinguished faculty in the arena. The entire aroma of the ATRE batches is kept competitive throughout the course, with a motive to produce the top rankers in JEE and other competitive exams. 

ATRE Exam Details:
Exam Date15th December 2013 (Sunday)
Last date of Registration12th of December 2013
Registration FeeRs. 200/- only (Non refundable )
Timings11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
Date of Declaration of ResultOn or before 26th December, 2012.
The result shall be displayed on our website,, mentioning the names of selected students. A student must score at least 50% marks in Paper-I. However, if the number of students (securing 50% marks or more) is less than 30, in such a situation the list will be taken out for only those students who fulfill the eligibility criteria of 50% marks or more and not for 30 students. 
Examination Scholarship Scheme
ATRE RankTuition FeeRegistration & Admission FeeStudy Material Fee
Top ThreeFreeFreeChargeable
11-2070% FreeChargeableChargeable
21-3050% FreeChargeableChargeable
Note: Selected candidates will be provided classroom coaching.

Syllabus& Pattern for APEX TALENT REWARED EXAM
VIIMaths, Science and Mental ability90  MCQs2 HoursNA-
VIIIMaths, Science and Mental ability90  MCQs2 HoursNA-
IXMathematics : Number system ,Polynomial, Quadratic equation ,Linear Equations in two variables, Triangles, Quadrilateral, 
Physics: Kinematics, Force and laws of Motion, Work, Energy & Power, Gravitation, Sound waves. 
Chemistry : Matter in Our Surrounding Is matter around us is pure? Properties of Matter, Solutions, Chemical Reactions , Atoms and Molecules , Mole ConceptMole concept 
Biology (for PMT) : Cell: The Fundamental Unit of Life ,Tissues, Diseases: Why do we fall ill Diversity in Living Organism
90  MCQs2 Hours30 MCQs of Mental ability30 Minutes
XMathematics : Number System , Algebra (a) Polynomials (b) Quadratic Expressions (c) Arithmetic Progression (d) Linear equation in two variables Trigonometry , Coordinate Geometry, Geometry Mensuration Statistics & Probability 
Physics : Motion , Force , Gravitation , Work and Energy , Wave Motion Light, Reflection and Refraction , The Human Eye & The Colourful World ,Electricity and its heating and chemical effects ,Magnetic effects of electric current 
Chemistry : Chemical Reactions & Equations Acid, Base and Salts ,Periodic Classification Metals and Non-Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals
90  MCQs2 Hours30 MCQs of Mental ability30 Minutes
XIMathematics: Quadratic equation , complex number , sequence and series , binomial theorem , permutation and combination ,Probability ,trigonometry , co-ordinate geometry. 
Physics : Unit and dimension , Kinematics, laws of Motion, Work, Energy & Power, Conservation of momentum , Rotation ,Gravitation, fluid mechanics , heat and thermodynamics , S.H.M. and waves. 
Chemistry : Mole concept and Stoichiometry , Periodic table , Structure of atom , Chemical Bonding , Gaseous state , Chemical equilibrium , Ionic equilibrium , Thermo chemistry , G.O.C. ,Hydrocarbon.
90  MCQs3 HoursNA-

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