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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Classroom Program for JEE 2017

SPARK 2017

Classroom Program for JEE 2017

 What is SPARK 2017?

 SPARK 2017 is a 4-month classroom program that will prepare you well for JEE Main 2017 and JEE Advanced 2014. An excellent program for students preparing for JEE (Main & Advanced) 2017 as well as BITSAT 2017, SPARK 2014: 
·         Quickly takes students through fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics
·         Sharpens their analytical skills
·         Helps them develop parallel thinking process 
 Which ultimately helps students to solve complex and tricky problems successfully by applying basic concepts of these subjects. This ability to solve problems will result in a quantum leap in the performance of students at JEE (Main & Advanced) and help them maximize their scores. 
 Besides, APEX’s experts help each SPARK 2017 student to devise their own study strategy and time management technique, tailored to suit students’ temperament and comfort zone. This helps students to optimize their output in the short time duration of JEE preparation course.

What does it offer?

Overall, SPARK 2017 program offers:
·         lectures by knowledgeable and experienced faculty members who have first-hand experience of cracking IIT JEE and have studied from best institutions in India
·         180 hours of teaching and interaction by APEX’S experts, which will include All India Test Series (AITS) and doubt removal sessions
·         Prediction of students’ All India Rank (AIR) prediction, instant report and in-depth analysis of 30 Online All India Test Series that our students take
·         Advance Development through Daily Practice Papers (DPPs).

How much time is devoted to various composites of JEE preparation?

 SPARK 2017 is a very well-structured program. Devised by engineers, it has just the right mix of everything for an IIT aspirant. Here is the recipe of the program we offer to students:
 At APEX, we are a team of engineers and have a special focus on structure and systems. We train our students (future engineering aspirants) to unlock their full potential systematically and scale JEE (Main & Advanced) successfully. 
 Here are the key features of SPARK 2017:
·         The course content covers right mix of classes and doubt removal sessions which helps students to fully understand concepts and their applications.
·         There are Daily Practice Papers (DPPs), where there are objective questions and numerical on each topic. Students have to attempt papers after each topics and it will help them understand application of concepts and develop analytical skills for JEE (Main & Advanced).
·         The course will finish much in advance of actual JEE Main & Advanced exam. Thus, the students will have enough time for revision, practice and last-minute doubt removal sessions. 

 At APEX, we and students are a part of our collective Success system. Students show dedication and do hard work and we bring them the best resources and offer them best guidance.

How much will you have to pay?

  •  Students will have to pay Rs 22,036 only for the full SPARK 2017 program, which will include:
  • 150 hours of lectures
  • Concise Study material
  • 225 Daily Practice Papers (DPPs)
  • 30 All India Test Series (AITS). 

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