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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

IIT & Olympiads Foundation Course For IX / X CLASS

Grooming is an early start program to give the child an unquestionable edge towards success in the competition exams like JEE that he/she will face in the years to come.

Students in IX Std can join this course.  The course strengthens the fundamentals of the student in the subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and Mental Ability. The course will improve the analytical problem solving ability and comprehension skills of the child.

The programs lays a strong foundation towards success not only in scholarship and competitive exams like NTSE, Junior Science Olympiad, JEE Main & Advanced but will also help the student achieve excellence in school.

Students who have been doing self-study in class VIII or have completed their VIIIth  Std  foundation course with other institutes but opted out due to various reasons and feel the need for more professional guidance can also join.

Target - IIT JEE/PMT Foundation & Excellence at school level )

One Year classroom program for class 9th students

Appearing / Appeared for class 8th exam in year 2017

Course Description
The syllabus of class IX in science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Mathematics provides the fundamental building block of the IIT-JEE / PMT and other competitive exams. It is a wonderful opportunity for all students and must be exploited to its fullest. Working to develop a sound foundation for an exam like IIT-JEE / PMT requires getting into the appropriate level of detail (to the extent it is needed at your level) of the subject matter along with a strong focus on performing well at the school exams.

Admission Process
Scholarship Test/Direct Admission

Class frequency
3-4 days a week

No. of classes per day

(Classes are initially scheduled for 3-4 days per week when schools are in session. During school vacations, classes are scheduled for 4-5 days per week.)

Subject Taught
Mathematics + Physics+Chemistry+Biology

It is expected that students shall devote at least 15 hours per week of focused study for this course.

Pattern of Testing : 

Comprehensive Periodic Chapter-wise Level wise testing is an important and integral part of the program. Two Levels of testing are available to cater to the varying levels of preparation and aptitude of the students.

Basic concepts and their quick application. This matches with JEE Main level of questions.  All students will take all Level 1 tests – Chapter-wise weekly tests and Full Mock Tests in the three subjects – Maths, Physics, Chemistry
Clearing Level 1 means getting more than 50% score and being capable of taking next level test in that topic.

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