Thursday, April 3, 2014


Those students who aspire to be an IITian and have passed/appearing for class X exam, it is crucial to plan ahead. JEE demands a complete dedication and a thorough understanding of concepts. And almost equal weightage is given to class XI and XII. The starting point should be the selection of a good coaching institute with proven track record. Coaching institutes are not a pre-requisite but past records show that students of top coaching classes definitely have an edge over others. With that done, school boards should be so chosen that aligns closely with the JEE syllabus. It might save the students from dual preparation for JEE and Board exams. 80% of CBSE syllabus is concurrent with the JEE, this percentage may be higher/lower for other state boards. Students are advised to show their prudence in selecting the subjects and Board.
JEE is more of a marathon than sprints so a complete analysis on one’s result in test/exam plays a vital role. The performance chart and other statistical tools to constantly monitor one’s performance with that of their peers will provide the relative standing since it is a qualifying exam and not a passing one. With that said, it is imperative for the students to be acquainted with their strong/weak areas.
If one starts his preparation today, he would be getting approximately 2 years till he writes JEE.
So a prudent time management is of vital necessity. Carefully segregating your time among JEE preparation, board exam, physical fitness and mental health is what one expects from a future IITian.
Many a student has a habit of procrastinating and they don’t realize it until it’s too late. As a consequence, they start looking for alternative options. While there is no doubt about IIT being the place for technological excellence, as has been found in numerous surveys and hefty pay packages received by IITians, the engineers from other colleges are found wanting for recruiters thereby creating a huge functional illiteracy in the country.
So those putting their hopes on plan B (alternative options) are well advised to weigh their options clearly as it is their life they would be treading with. And no matter what your future plans are, if you aspire to be a civil servant, entrepreneur or engineer, IIT is worth the try for your admission shall make you a local hero. Had it not been so, why would
10 lakh students scramble for 10 thousand seats?
For those in class XI, they have roughly got 1 year in which they have to write the Board exams as well. Here, a complete discipline and a rough plan for the year would be the right strategy. Discipline is needed for complete adherence to the study schedule. Solving previous years problem should be a regular exercise as it would adapt them with the type of questions that are generally asked.
With everything said and done, it is upto students to keep their motivation high during these 1-2 years. Avoiding negative thought, staying away from troubles, keeping the body and mind in perfect order, etc are some of the ways by which focus can be retained. Remember, once you make up your mind to become an IITian, there shouldn’t be any turning back and it is you who has to keep running even if the odds are stacked high against you for in the end, only the victor shall be remembered.
Good luck and happy learning.

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