Friday, June 6, 2014


·         NTSE will be conducted for Class X students

·         The examination will consist of Mental Ability Test(MAT) and Scholastic Ability Test(SAT)

·         Quota for State/UT will be computed proportionally on the basis of students enrolment in Class IX and X

·         The amount of scholarship will be Rs. 500/- per month for all the students studying in Class XI onwards(irrespective of class/course) except for Ph.D., wherein it is paid as per UGC norms.

·         The scholarships under this scheme are awarded to the candidates for pursuing courses in sciences and social sciences up to doctoral level and in professional courses like medicine and engineering up to second-degree level subject to the fulfilment of the conditions provided in this brochure.

It is in the interest of the nation that it is essential to identify and nurture the talent of its children for it is these talented children who would fuel the engines of growth and represent the nation's hope and future. Given the global competitive environment, it is important to identify and nurture them in their early years to enable them compete on the global stage.

To this end, NCERT conducts the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), India's most prestigious school level examination, to identify students gifted with high intellectual prowess and reward them for their academic excellence. NCERT being the official body established by Government of India with the view of raising the academic standards in school education, NTSE

conducted by this organisation is regarded as the most prestigious competitive examination at school level in the country. Consequently, the credit of success in this examination owes more to the prestige and honour associated with its recognition as a valuable credential in one's profile rather than merely the scholarships received by the students.

The pattern of NTSE is designed to test not only the subject knowledge in various areas, but also the analytical skills and application skills of students. Therefore, the preparation requires thorough understanding of concepts even beyond the scope of their concerned school curriculum. In order to excel not only in NTSE but in any competitive examination for that matter, one needs to understand the fundamentals in each of the test areas and prepare accordingly and this can be achieved only by a deeper understanding of the concepts involved. Regular school education may not cater to the need for such a comprehensive development of all the required skills.

To help in this effort,
 APEX INSTITUTE the No. 1 institute in India for various entrance exams offers comprehensive training solutions for the NTSE. The NTSE course by APEX INSTITUTE is designed in such a way that students overcome the above challenges and do well in the NTS Examination. The programme is designed by experts to impart all the necessary skills to a student. In turn, he/she will be able to understand and manage all critical factors that are necessary to get the required score in NTS Examination. 

Mere understanding of the concepts and fundamentals is not sufficient for achieving success in the examination. Rigorous practice is the most important prerequisite for good performance in any competitive examination and NTSE is no exception for that. The specially designed Mocks & test papers will help students understand the pattern and level of difficulty of the questions in the examination. Taking the tests will help the students analyze their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will help them improve upon the weaknesses, will lessen the anxiety they may have and will prepare them well for the actual NTSE.

This course has been prepared based on our two decades of experience in successfully training more than 10 lakh students for various entrance exams. The test papers are prepared after carefully researching test papers of previous years, ensuring that students get the best inputs. The well-researched test papers ensure comprehensive coverage of all basic concepts.
 Our course material is widely acknowledged by students as the most exhaustive and up-to-date in the market. 

The course in addition to aiming at achieving success in the said examination, provides many other intangible benefits to students. In fact, the very process of preparation and appearing for this test can be a very enriching experience simply because of the joy associated with learning something new about the world around us. Appearing for a national level competitive exam such as the NTSE helps students arrive at an honest assessment of their analytical skills, and their ability to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom vis-a-vis students across the country. The fullfledged preparation for NTSE with this kind of guidance and support will undoubtedly help them when they appear for other examinations in future. Above all, talent of the students thus nurtured from such an early stage in school level will help them excel in their academics.

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