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Friday, August 8, 2014

Looking Best Institute For IIT & AIPMT ???

Criteria to choose an institute

1.       Confused about many coaching institutes? Just check these points…
You should know who will be teaching you once you join the Institute.
At Apex we provide you with the list of the faculties who will be taking your lectures. Sometimes such a list is not even shown in the brochure & on the website!
2.     Expertise, experience and qualification of Faculty Team
The most important criteria to judge the credibility of any educational institute is the competency of the faculty team. Branding and advertising should not affect your decision. Apex Institute has a pool of IITians with many years of experience
3.     Continuity of Faculty Team
Another extremely important factor, which is usually ignored, is the number of years a faculty remains at the institute. If faculties shuffle between many institutes frequently, and sometimes during the academic year, it affects the morale of the student. At Apex the core team has been consistent since the very beginning.
4.     Availability of faculty team
At Apex, the core faculty members are exclusively associated and dedicated to Apex and don’t have any other professional engagements. And hence they understand students better and guide them accordingly. A visiting/part time faculty takes lectures, gives instructions and may disappear and hence can hardly be in touch with students on a regular basis to monitor or guide.
5.     Number of IIT rankers taught by existing faculty
There may be institutes that have a long list of successful candidates in the past which was due to a set of faculty, who may not be working with them any more to teach you. It is basically the faculty team which is responsible for the results achieved by any institute and not the institute’s brand name. At Apex we are proud to claim that our team has 8 such faculty members who are specialists with a high success rate and are highly respected in the entire student community. As a matter of fact, 40% of the students who cleared IIT from Ghaziabad in the last 5 years were taught by Apex faculty members.
6.     Commuting Time & institute infrastructure
Long distance traveling not only wastes time in commutation but also drains out a student mentally because of which he can’t concentrate on his studies. Upto a certain extent infrastructure also makes some difference. At Apex we provide students with well lit air-conditioned class rooms.
7.       If the institute, you get enrolled in has the chairman (owner) as a lecturer then he is well aware of the academic and non academic problems faced by students and will sort them out. This is not possible in highly commercialized institutes where there is a big communication-gap between the students and the chairman.
8.     To verify all the above mentioned points, you may talk to a few students randomly at the Institute or ask for contacts of some current or passed out students.

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