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Monday, September 8, 2014

Class 10th Biology Guess paper-1 for SA-1 2014

1. Name the respiratory organs of (a) Fish (b) Mosquito (c) Earthworm (d) Dogs           
Answer: (1) gills    (2) Trachea     (3) Skin    (4) lungs
2. Although bile juice has no digestive enzyme. It is still considered to be very important for digestion of food .Give two reasons.
Answer: (1) Bile juice helps in to emulsify fat. (2) Due to basic nature it neutralizes the acidic traces reaching the small intestine.
3. What is osmoregulation? How does it takes place in human beings ?  
Answer: Balance the water & salt level in body is called osmoregulation. It takes place nephron by the ADH (anti diuretic hormone). It effects the permeability of cells of nephron for absorption of water.
4. Define phototropism. Which hormone is responsible for it . How?
Answer:  The growth movement of plants induced by stimulus of light is called phototropism.
Auxins hormone is responsible for it.High amount of Auxins is present in shady or dark half region of shoot apex which causes high growth & turns the plant towards light source.
5. Mention the name of secretory part / gland and function of following hormones.-
            (a) Insulin       (b) Progesterone   ( c )Oxytocin
Answer: (1) Insulin –beta cells of pancreas, control sugar level
      (2) Progesterone – carpus leutium of ovary, maintains pregency & fixes the embryo to uterus wall.
       (3)Oxytocin –Pitiutary gland, milk secretion, birth hormone
6. A person has lost his control over muscular activities.
        a) What can be the possible cause?
        b) What would you advice the person to overcome the problem?
        c) Which value is inculcated?
Answer:  (a)Cerbellum control is lost due to taking of excess of alcohol  (b) Advice – Not to take alcohol         (c)  Value- concern for human life 
7. Lymph is another type of fluid involved in transportation. Justify the statement by two reason.
Answer: 1. It drains tissue fluid from the extra cellular space back into blood.
    2.  it takes lymphocytes and antibodies from the lymph nodes to the blood.
    3. Some of the fluid from digestive tract is absorbed in the lymph and store the fluid temporarily.
8. List any two strategies used by plants for excretion.
Answer: a. Transpiration        b. Bark formation       c. Stomata   (gas exchange)
9. What are the different ways in which glucose is oxidized to provide energy in various organisms?
Glucose (in cytoplasm)-->  Energy+Pyruvate------->
(i) Absence of O2(yeast)->C2H5OH+ CO2+Energy
  (ii) Lack of O2(muscle cells)-> Lactic acid + Energy
(iii) Presence of O2(mito.)->CO2+ H2O+ Energy
10. Which animal or plant hormone is associated with the following
1. Change at puberty in boys               2.Goitre             
3.Inhibits growth of plants                   4.promotes cell division                      
5. Increased sugar level in blood          6.Dwarfism
Answer: .(i)Testosterone (ii) Thyroxine (iii)Abscissic acid (iv) Cytokinin (v)Insulin(vi) growth hormone

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