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Self Confidence-The Key!
Did you think the first tip would be related to physics, chemistry and mathematics? Or it will be related to time management?
No. The most important thing for preparation of JEE is to have confidence in yourself. Don’t lose the confidence even if you are not performing very well in your school or coaching classes.
Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities! You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience. Every question you fail to solve teaches you many lessons and mistakes which you must not do next time.
Have a strong will and belief in yourself that you have the ability to crack JEE and reach to your dream IIT or NIT. Work hard for your dream. Is JEE your D.R.E.A.M.?

Why to start from basics
Do you think basics are for weak students? If you do, you are having a wrong mindset.
Always start preparation of JEE or preparation of any topic/chapter from basics. Because it is really important to have very strong base to build the building of knowledge of the respective topic.
If the base itself is weak, it will be very difficult to solve questions in later stage. But if the basic of the topic is clear, it will be very easy for you to understand and crack the logic behind the question.
For example, revising basics of class 9th and 10th would be helpful for students in class 11. Concepts of topics like algebra or mechanics will have broader implementations in class 11th and 12th. If you hate inorganic chemistry that does not mean you will skip the basics. What you must do is focus more on the basics of the subject you hate. The reason you hate can be either you simply don’t like the subject and feel bored, or YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT WELL!
Now which ever be the reason, you cannot skip the chapter. Try to explore simpler ways to understand the topic. Discuss with faculties in your school and coaching and once the basics are set in your brain the pathway would not be difficult.

How to manage time effectively
A lot of people must have already given you a lecture on this. Did they? This is with no doubt key thing for preparing for JEE or anything else in life. One who knows how to manage and distribute time efficiently solves half of the task.
Remember one thing; everyone has same 24 hours in a day! Now it’s up to us how we use and manage that. Preparing for JEE would need a lot of efficient time planning and management. Distribute your day to physics, chemistry and mathematics as per factors like which subject needs more time, give bit extra time to your weaker subject and also give some time specifically for your board exams! Yes board exam performance will affect your over all rank in JEE.
                        - Distribute time for all the subjects.

                        - Give some extra time to subject you are weak in. Remember “More you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”. Preparing now will make you feel comfortable in exam hall.

                        - It’s okay to reduce the time you spend on TV, internet, hanging out with friends, playing PS2 etc...Take out time from less important activities to the DREAM of cracking JEE.

                        - Prepare a daily time table on how you will be managing the day. Have a weekly check on what all topics you have covered and if you completed your targets.

                        - Set your next week targets accordingly. Discuss your time table with your parents so that they are aware of it too and can keep you motivated and push you to achieve it.
''Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back''

Don’t Stress yourself!
Now you would say it’s easy to be said that don’t stress yourself but it’s hard to be away from stress? Yes it is. But it is also important to understand that stressing yourself will not lead to any better state and will hamper your preparation too.
You must study in a balanced way maintaining and giving some time daily to some recreational activity. It may be watching TV for 30 minutes, or spending time with family or a walk in park, meeting with friends, cooking, dancing or anything that makes you feel relaxed and energetic.
Always maintain a good friend circle who will guide you when you are in the sea of negative thoughts and will take you out of the state by boosting your morale.
''Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one''.

Make a time table!
It sounds pretty easy to say that I will make a time table and will study accordingly. But it is hard to get into the habit. When at home prepare a time table and DON’T IGNORE IT. You made the time table to follow it not to keep it aside and ignore it.
Make time table giving time and importance to all the subjects. Also ensure that in the race of JEE Preparation you don’t miss out the NCERT or your Board Exam preparation. With the new JEE pattern, a lot of questions can be expected directly from the Board Exams or inspired by the same. And secondly, board scores are also part of the ranking procedure so if you end up scoring high in JEE but low in your boards it will affect your ranking drastically.

Books to follow for JEE
It is very important you follow the right books. Firstly to make it clear, to crack JEE you don’t need to study higher level concepts! Except few exceptions, it’s just the application and conceptual understanding you need to build of syllabus of boards. Consult your teachers, IITians to know what books to be followed and to ensure you get your hands on the right ones only. Don’t waste time trying out a new book every-time.

How to strategize the preparation?
We have already talked about planning now what else we need to strategize about? Picking up and practicing the right questions is also very important.
Go through each chapter with lot of concentration. If you are unable to solve questions, don’t skip and move to see the solutions. It will not do any good. Give 2-3 attempts before you move to view solutions.
Always try to understand the basics of each topic instead of solving all problems. It is often seen that thorough understanding of a few topics proves better than a superficial idea about all topics.
Try to solve vast variety of questions. No type of question should go untouched. In books like for example RD Sharma, series of similar type of questions is given in one exercise. Don’t skip other exercise because they contain different type and your objective should be to ensure you are able to solve all the possible types. Follow this strategy for all the books and subjects.

Everyone needs proper guidance
Guidance and constant motivation is very important. A good and experienced teacher at your school or coaching institute will ensure you are on right path. The experience and knowledge of a teacher will be of great help to you.
They are familiar with the pattern, do’s and don’ts, what are common mistakes students do which will make sure you don’t end up doing silly and end up taking wrong decisions.
The faculty will also help you understand how to plan out your daily schedule, what books you must be following, what should be your approach when you are specifically not able to grasp basics of some topic or maybe not able to attempt specific type of questions.

Regular revision
Whatever is taught to you must be revised. After you get back from school/coaching ensure you do revision of the topics taught on same day. This will help you to understand the topic better, study the part again which you were not able to understand in the class.
Also ensure that in your monthly planning calendar you have space for revision of topics which were covered previously. Give a window for doing mock tests as well to analyze and review your performance.
Revising the topics on regular basis will also ensure that you have a track of your month plan and a regular check mechanism is in place. If you face difficulty in some topic you can specifically allot it some more time.

The last tip is pretty much simple. You know the focus! Its cracking JEE. Now there would be many moments you would lose hope, you would feel you just cannot do it or maybe there are people better than you and you are not good enough.
Every person faces this! But the winner is one who overcomes these bad times and ensures he is giving constant effort for the goal in hard time.
                        - Take the pledge that JEE is your dream and you will crack it.

                        - No matter how many hurdles come, you will rise every time you fall.

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