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Monday, January 5, 2015

Importance of IIT JEE Crash Course and Success Tips...

Dear Students / Parents,

We all are aware that IIT-JEE Entrance Examinations are one of the toughest and the most prestigious examinations in India. With lakhs of students appearing for IIT-JEE each year, the competition is only getting tougher!

We caught up with Mr. Iqbal, Centre Head of Apex Institute, Ghaziabad, on cracking one of the toughest entrance exams in India and get valuable Tips and Strategies for standing a better chance at the engineering entrance exam.

Here's what Mr. Iqbal has to say on the Importance of IIT JEE Crash Course and Success Tips...

Q. What is IIT JEE Crash Course? Who normally takes the course?
IIT JEE Crash is a short-term course (21-22 days approx.) which starts immediately after the XII Standard. The IIT JEE Crash course is offered to students who are planning but are not trained to take up the engineering entrance exam.

As students are hardly taught 'applications' based questions in schools, this crash course gives them an exposure to the IIT JEE entrance exam patterns, areas and skills they need to focus in a short-period of time.

Q. How taking an IIT JEE Crash Course can help students to crack the entrance exam?
As the entrance exam is all about 'solving problems', the IIT JEE Crash program teaches a student how to solve problems. Due to limited time, a student enrolled in the IIT JEE Crash Course will be able to solve limited number of problems from different levels of difficulty - easy, normal and tough.

The crash course is basically scheduled for six hours a day for 21-22 days approximately. To leverage the most out of the crash course and stand a chance to score better at the entrance test, a student needs to solve more problems regularly.

Q. What Tips would you provide to tackle Physics, Math and Chemistry for IIT JEE?
Physics: Students can focus on Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism from which most of the questions are asked in Physics. In 2013, around 60% questions were asked from the above topics. And if a student manages to solve 12-13 questions correctly, he/she can stand a better chance in the exam.

In Chemistry, students need to focus more on Organic & Physical Chemistry which are easier to solve and a little less on Inorganic Chemistry which is tougher to solve. Solving as many problems as possible from Organic and Physical Chemistry will help students to stand a better chance in the entrance, in case a student is doing only the crash course as a preparation for the exam.

Here, the students need to focus more on Algebra, Differential Calculus and Inferential Calculus topics and solve as many problems as possible. Building the ability to solve any question from the three topics can help the students to do a better job at the exam in a short period of preparation. Also preparing on topics which were frequently asked in the last 2-5 years will help students to tackle the exam and score better.

Q. What are the three common mistakes students should avoid?
Students should avoid:
• Solving all the problems in the exam even if they are not sure of the answers (which is not required or correct thing to do).
• Spending too much time solving the first few questions.
• Inability to identify - easy, medium and difficult level questions.

The most important strategy for students is to solve 40% of the questions correctly which will be good enough to get shortlisted for the Advanced exam. So, students should not try to solve questions they are not sure of, which may cost them their cut-off marks sometimes.

Q. What strategies do you think is required to succeed at the IIT JEE exam?
• Plan Early
• Prepare Early
• Be Regular

A student can only be successful at the IIT JEE exam if he/she solves maximum number of problems regularly. The more number of problems a student solves and develops the skills required will stand a better chance to succeed.

Q. How long should a student study along with the IIT JEE Crash Course?
If a student has taken the IIT JEE Crash Course, he/she needs to devote 3-4 hours every day besides attending 6 hours of IIT JEE Crash Course classes. On a daily basis, students should be able to devote 10-12 hours for a month before appearing for the entrance exam.

And for students who are preparing on their own, it would be better if they join a coaching center. At a coaching center, students get to meet fellow competitors which give them an idea where they stand in the competition. Also meeting students from different backgrounds help them to learn different perspectives towards the exam. Meeting more competing students help them to prepare better for the exam.

Q. What is the difference between Online and Paper-based exam? Which medium is better for students?
Generally, students feel more comfortable and safer to appear for the exam in Paper-based mode. They believe if anything goes wrong with the computer, it may hamper their exam performance. However, this is not true as there are enough provisions, computers and technicians at disposal, to take care if anything goes wrong.

Rather, students who are opting for the Online mode are likely to benefit more. How? Generally, there is a gap of few days (10-13 days approx.) between the Paper-based test and Computer-based test. The IIT JEE Online mode exam is scheduled after the Paper-based mode. A student appearing the exam in the Online mode will have the opportunity to look at the Paper-based question papers and get an idea of the level of difficulty of questions to be asked in the exam.

Q. Are the State Board students at a disadvantage to CBSE students in the entrance exams?
As mentioned, the CBSE has more applications than the state board but both the students stand on the same level when appearing for entrance exams. Last year more than 1,500 students from Tamil Nadu had qualified for the JEE Advanced exams.

The number is less as number of takers are less and also students are not serious and focused on entrance exam with too much dependence on Board Score and Anna University affiliated engineering colleges. Any student who works for 10 to 12 hours during the Crash Course would perform well irrespective of the Board.

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