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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Offline Test Series for Class IX & X (Summative Assessment-I) 2015

APEX INSTITUTE’s Offline Test Series provides you with a quick revision and analysis of each topic, chapter and subject, with complete exposure to the range of questions together with a complete examination experience. Questions in this test series are designed by a team of experienced teachers who have been into the teaching profession for past many years.
This Test Series Contain 6 full length Test (3 Mathematics + 3 Science)
The details of Offline Test Series for Class IX & X (Summative Assessment-I) are henceforth:
Course Objective
The objective of APEX INSTITUTE’s Offline Test Series for CBSE Class IX is to provide curriculum based Offline test series to the students with integral features to test their performance, compare scores and predict ranks. It would assist them to recognize and plug analytically all the dodges in their preparation.
Eligibility Criteria
Students of class IX & X have to get register for taking advantage of this free Test Series
Registration Fee: - 200Rs. Only
Course Description
This test series consists of Offline Objective Tests (Formative Assessment) and Downloadable Subjective tests (Summative Assessment). All the questions in tests are structured as per the level of Semester Assessments and other competitive tests. Our Offline sample papers and mock tests cover complete syllabi which ensures that all students do extremely well in exams.
Summative Assessment-I for Class IX & X
For CBSE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) CCE Pattern, Syllabus, Application Form, Summative Assessment, Formative Assessment, Solutions for Summative Assessment and Formative Assessment Results, New and other CBSE notifications, please visit official website of cbse.

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