Friday, May 20, 2016


This course has been painstakingly developed by a highly experienced and dedicated team of educationists and are specifically aimed at students of math, physics, chemistry and biology. Our courses cover not just Academic exams but also, depending upon your preference and stream of study, we take care of your engineering and medical entrance exams preparation. These courses have been designed keeping every student's basic needs in mind. Also learning from a book is not always easy. Keeping this in mind, our written material has been developed by entrance exam professionals who have years of teaching experience The language used in the study materials is very simple and easy to understand; all concepts are well explained and well supplemented by a wide range of solved examples.

Preparation for the various engineering and medical entrance exams is not a cakewalk Apart from dedicated study and clear concepts, these exams require you to be charged up all the time. To guide you through this amazing journey of entrance exam preparation, Apex Institute has developed a pool of dedicated instructors, who are mostly BTech's and medico professionals; and graduates from prestigious institutes like IIT's.. Having faced the rigors of entrance exams themselves, they are the perfect teachers to guide you.

Salient Features of course
1).           These courses, which run all through the year, prepare students for Academics as well as engineering and medical entrance exams.

2).           Classes are held at least twice a week per subject

3).           Three subjects are taught everyday

4)            Classes are conducted in small batches so that every child is guaranteed individual attention.

5).           Learning processes that associate physical laws and concepts to concrete examples with which students are familiar through everyday experience

6).           Tests are periodically conducted to check every student's grasp on the subject. These tests are conducted at appropriate intervals; and give every student a chance to test themselves and their knowledge vis-à-vis the competition. These tests also give a student the opportunity to understand their strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly

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