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Friday, June 16, 2017

Medical Classroom Program For XIIth Passed Students [Appearing in PMT/NEET 2018]

This is an intensive one year classroom programme with exhaustive syllabus coverage targeting various medical entrance examinations. This course is specially designed for the XII passed students who for whatsoever reason could not perform to the best of their abilities or chose to prepare for competitive exams only after taking care of boards. Not much heed will be given to the theory, but syllabus will be covered more from numerical approach.
Course Description
Course Commencement
June-Sept of every year
Course Completion
After one year in 1st week of May subsequently
XIIth Passed
Admission through Assessment
Total 830 hours (650+120+60)
Classes & Tests Class
Regular – 4 Days/Week , 4 Hour/Day
Weekend (Sat, Sun) 6 Hours/Day
The students of this course will be put under rigorous academic curriculum divided into seven phases covering entire syllabus of PMT. The syllabus will be covered in exhaustive manner and will be completed by first week of February. Students will be given time for self preparation after the completion of syllabus. During this time, part syllabus tests and doubt clearing sessions will be conducted. This 830 hours (total) course is divided into seven phases
Course Highlights
·         Intensive classroom training
·         Weekly tutorial classes
·         Weekly doubt remedial classes
·         Periodic motivational classes
·         Exhaustive syllabus coverage
Progress tracking tools
·         Topic Tests
·         Chapter-wise Tests
·         Part Syllabus/Phase Tests
·         Surprise Tests
·         20 Mock Tests
·         All India Test Series

Phase I (Build up)

Before taking up actual syllabus, few concepts from lower classes, required for medical competitive examinations will be taken. For example mathematical tools used in physics (calculus, logarithm, inequalities, theory of equations & inequations, graphs etc.) and fundamental concepts of chemistry (acid & base, Metals & non-metals, chemical reactions etc) will be taken up. These concepts are essential prerequisites for entrance exam preparations.
Phase II-V (syllabus coverage)

The complete syllabus of class XI and XII has been divided into four parts, each part covering around 25% syllabus of PMT. These phases will be conducted at comfortable pace with focus on basic concepts and their numerical application. The students will be exposed to different contexts for applying the concepts using numerical of different flavours. The proof and derivations will not be given much heed, as all medical entrance exams are of MCQ nature. Motivational workshops will also be provided periodically during these phases.
Phase VI (Revision & doubts)

Eight part tests, ten complete length mock test papers from entrance exam point of view will be conducted during this phase. These tests are also conducted as ALL India Test Series from Apex Institute for students enrolled for distance learning and Test Series. Therefore students will be competing among a bigger group, which will enable them to judge themselves more accurately. Doubt & tutorial classes will be held before/after each test to prepare students.

Phase VII (Final Grilling)

Six days a week, six hours a day, lectures followed by a minor test will be conducted during this phase to provide the final touch to otherwise already very good preparation of students. All important and high scoring topics will be covered. Furthermore five AIIMS level mock test paper will be conducted. Full telephonic support and doubt remedial classes will be provided to the students during this phase.

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