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Saturday, August 5, 2017

One Year Intensive Regular Classroom Program for Medical Entrance

This is an intensive classroom coaching program for those students who have passed XII. During this course we thoroughly prepare the students for various medical entrance examinations. The entire course is completed from various medical entrance examinations point of view by 31 Jan followed by All India Test Series. This course provide you long sustained practice with the widest possible coverage of theory and problems in a highly competitive environment. 

Special Features
  • Students are provided with STUDY MATERIAL PACKAGE and QUESTION BANK PACKAGE and strategically formulated assignment on each topic.
  • Students are exposed to a series of topic wise tests and comprehensive tests on the pattern of medical entrance examinations.
  • Difficulty classes and test analysis sessions are conducted to boost the level of confidence of aspirants.
  • DAILY PRACTICE PROBLEMS(D.P.P.) - Every student is given to solve 5-10 questions daily as a home assignment based on what topic is taught in the class. These problems are chosen in a manner that emphasizes on a thorough understanding of application of concepts and fundamentals related to that part of the topic covered till date. Students are required to solve these problems before they attend the next class on that topic so that they may clear any doubt before taking next lecture. Daily practice problems ignite a student‘s thinking process and develop in him/her a temperament to face new and challenging problems with ease and confidence.
The entire course is usually completed before 31st Jan. followed by All India Test Series for Objective as well as for Subjective questions.

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