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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Online Live Classes - IIT JEE (Main, Advanced), NEET and School Tutorial-Apex Institute

Online Live Classes - IIT JEE (Main, Advanced), NEET and School Tutorial
Online live classes are getting popular among JEE and NEET aspirants due to the convenient and affordable online coaching platforms. Apex Institute is a team of teachers, experts and mentors who are preparing students for IIT-JEE and NEET in online mode.
Some of the advantages of Apex online live classes for JEE Main, JEE Advanced and NEET are – two-way interaction between teacher and student, short batches, focus on an individual student, proper counseling, excellent study material, free practice tests, online test series, assessment and regular monitoring.
Check out a free online demo class to understand the platform and teaching quality.

Our online platform for live classes have following benefits:
·         Similar to normal classroom coaching: Taking an online class from our platform is very simple. Whenever a class starts, your computer/ laptop screen becomes a blackboard and on the right side you can see the video of the teacher. The environment is just like a normal classroom.
·         Two-way interaction between teacher and student: It's not like the teacher speaks and the student listens only. The communication is two-way. There is a chat box where a student can enter his/ her doubt or query and the teacher will respond accordingly. Anytime a student can request for the audio control from the teacher and can ask his/ her doubt.
·         Recordings of live classes: All the live classes which students are taking with Apex are recorded for future reference, so that students can see them anytime in future and revise everything in a better way. If the student misses a class due to any reason, then also it will be recorded and he/ she can watch the same class later at any time.
·         Doubt removal classes: Along with the regular classes, there will be doubt clearing sessions from time to time. Having not more than 20 students in a batch makes it easy to clear all the doubts of the student.
·         Time saving and Economical: Apex online classes saves a lot of travelling time of the student that he/ she can devote to more studies or to take rest. Parents can save money that can be spent on other utilities of the child.
·         Access Quality Teachers anywhere: There is no fear of missing the classes if a student is out of station or away from home. Have a laptop and internet with you and take classes from anywhere you want.
·         Customized courses: One of the benefits of joining Apex is that if you are not enrolled in a regular online classroom course, you can purchase a customized package (which includes only the topics or chapters you want to study). You’ll be allotted the number of hours that are required to complete your topics.
·         No need to shift to Kota or any other location: Shifting to some other place is not convenient for students. Not just in study and preparation, but also adjusting to the place, food, peers, etc. In a city like Kota, there is always a fear of additional pressure which often leads to depression among the students. With Apex online live classes, JEE and NEET aspirants can study from experienced and IIT qualified teachers at their home only.

·                     Registered Office :Apex coaching PVT. LTD.
·                     Head Office Address :
62, Nitikhand-III, Indirapuram
(Near Jaipuriya mall).
·                     Email Id 
·                     Website
·                     Mobile No. : 9088242776


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