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Saturday, May 3, 2014

APEX INSTITUTE | IIT-JEE & Medical Coaching Institute

Ideas rule the world and thoughts rule your life. It is your mind which moulds your destiny. Life consists in what a man is thinking of all day. Our life is a product of our decisions, not our conditions. If you think Success, you create a climate in which success is possible. If you think failure you set the state for it.
APEX is an institute that not only provides classroom training to its students, but also provides an environment that helps in their overall development. Also, highly appreciated is the institution maintenance of strict discipline.
The Institute APEX endeavors to create a dynamic environment that facilitates interaction and motivation, augment the learning resources and promote interdisciplinary research,. To augment the learning resources/educational value and promote interdisciplinary research, APEX has divided its departments into two branches Medical and Engineering.
Each Branch strives for excellence in a defined area of academic pursuit. Core Competency Areas are identified for each branch which, in turn, benchmarks itself with an institution of repute. This is done with an aim to develop it as a Centre of Excellence in the chosen field.
At APEX we have a significant education system where every action and thought is student oriented. In other words no students is ever neglected. APEX has a humble endeavour to prepare students for life with the right approach by giving them academic excellence along with a spirit of honesty, in short a combination of modern expertise with divine ethics.
"APEX" has unique and innovative techniques of imparting education and training to it students. The think tanks of "APEX" have devised plans and programme so as to incorporate all the ranges of students. "APEX" has a very noble idea of "SPONSORSHIPS FOR MERITORIOUS POOR & MERITPRIOUS STUDENTS" along with a complete fee waiver in exceptional cases.
The students in APEX are selected after a rigorous test procedure. Thus they are the best of the lot. From the very first day in APEX, they are trained to imbibe the best of knowledge, skills and information and thus, strive forward for their all-round development.
The faculty team of APEX comprises of experienced educationists from elite institutes like IIT, JNU, BITs, etc Apart from education, students are motivated towards holding on to their values and ethics and hence, become rational future Doctors, Engineers and Architects.

Wishing you a successful career ahead 

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     Mail Id:
     Head Office: 62-Nitikhand-III, Indirapuram, Gzb.
     Branch Office: 1030-31 Sector-III, Vaishali, Gzb.
     Branch Office: C-27, R.D.C. Rajnagar, Ghaziabad.

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