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Coaching is all about helping students achieve their dreams. We believe in doing  it positively and smartly and with passion and for that reason alone, we have emerged as a formal competent  and productive  institution providing quality Medical and Engineering coaching to the young aspirants of Ghaziabad & NCR in India.

How we produce Top Rank holders?
At the core of an educational institute lies Classroom Teaching. Our Application – based and conceptual teaching methodology helps us to develop a study process for our students that are based fore their individual learning styles academic needs. The classroom sessions are conducted in such a manner that most of the students are active participants in the discussion instead of just attending the routine one- sided lectures.  The classes are more of interactive type where students are motivated to rise and discuss their doubts /objections to understands the concepts / fundamentals use in problem solving. In the classrooms, we use interesting illustrations of hard –to-understand principles of easy grasping of Concept. Our faculty team consists of the right blend of experienced and dynamic youth which remains committed to excellence and ethical practice in teaching.  They extend their efforts in imparting proper educational training and dedicatedly working tandem with our students and their parents to extract maximum performance.
  • Elaborate, vivid and illustrious explanations , discussion theory
  • Discussions of previous days assignments (DPPs, Modules)
  • Training on analytic skills and numerical approach.
  • Details and extensive doubts discussion sessions

DPP (Daily Practice Problems Sheet)
To monitor day-to-day progress of our students, appropriate homework is assigned in the form of Daily Practice Problems (DPP) sheet. Typically, a DPP contains 10 to 12 questions based on the topic taught in the previous classroom sessions. They include a variety of problems like Single choice , Multiple choice, shout subjective , Long subjective , match the column, Comprehension , Assertion and Reasons, True and False , Fill in the Blanks and Miscellaneous type based on the JEE / AIPMT patterns. Every chapter is broken down into smaller components and carefully chosen questions and exercise are compiles in the DPPs in a manner that emphasize on thorough understanding and application of Concepts taught till date. To remove the doubts of the students, the DPPs are discussed in the next class with interactive participation of the students.

Modules are published by the experts’ team of Apex Institute and are chapter –wise collections of brief theory and notable facts, selected solved examples and objective & subjective exercise, previous JEE/AIPMT questions, etc. presented in a brilliant layout and with exquisite cover designs. Modules are given at the completion of a chapter and are discussed in special module discussion classes mutually arranged by the concerned faculty and students.

Periodic Assessment Test
To Check the performance of every student Periodic Assessment Tests are conducted at a regular intervals for continuous assessment of the level of preparedness of students according to the requirements of the JEE /AIPMT and other Engineering and Medical Entrance examinations. The Patterns of Periodic Assessment Test is based on the JEE/AIPMT exam patterns. These Periodic Assessment Tests consists of Part Syllabus Test (PPTs), Cumulative Syllabus Test (CPTs), Full Syllabus Test (FTPs) and Board Patterns test (BPTs) and are carried out depending on the batch, timeline and requirement. These tests develop an attitude to solve the problems in step by step manner; it is very helpful for regular school going students in term of Daily Learning and to practice writing school/Board Examinations.

Special Classes (For Board Exam)
  • Classes for PCMB subject are held on weekends for covering the requirements of the school curriculum
  •  Exam conducted based on the Board Exam                                                                                             

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